Friday, September 4, 2015

Trops Now Open In Soulard

Way back in October of 2014 iLoveSoulard, with the help of an attentive neighbor, broke the story that Tropical Liquers was coming to Soulard. In March, we followed it up with an interview with "Soulard Trops"part-owner Billy Thompson.

We're happy to report that the Soulard location of Tropical Liquers at 1800 S 10th is now open and thriving. Whereas the original Columbia, Missouri locations and the Springfield, MO location are owned by the same family that opened the first Trops in 1985, the Soulard outpost is the company's first franchise. The arrangement is new to both the Thompsons and Trops and thus can be pointed to as the reason for the delay in opening.

The first few weeks of the franchise being open were quite surprising, as many neighbors can attest to. The large crowds overwhelmed the staff and even forced the business to close its doors for an entire Sunday when they simply ran out of product. A few issues arose, but Billy, his sister Connie and the rest of the staff were quick to address those to the delight of the neighborhood.

The former Gladstone's building has undergone quite the renovation and looks stellar. The Thompsons completely renovated the first and second floors of the building as well as the patio area. The business also utilizes space on the side of the building as a patio extension with picnic tables for patrons. The upstairs area is a beautiful space that will be perfect for watching some college football this fall.

The offerings are generally the same as those offered in the other Tropical Liqueurs locations, with a few exceptions. The beer list is a little different to reflect some of the different brews available and the flavors available of the signature drinks includes an extra flavor. Voo Doo Brew features Banana Liquor, Vodka, Sloe Gin, Banana Puree & Lemonade. It's pretty delicious. I found in my experience that if you want to double-fist, this flavor goes great with  the Toasted Almond surprisingly.

The Soulard location is open 7 days a week with Happy Hour from 3p-6p every day but Sunday. During Happy Hour on Monday, all of the delicious frozen treats are $1 off while Tuesday-Saturday it's a specific flavor each day. Beer is also $1 off during Happy Hour.

A refillable tumbler is available for purchase at the bar. The 24 oz. beverage holder is sold filled for $18. Refills are then charged at the 20 oz price, saving you money each time you make a purchase.

I'm excited to have these folks as neighbors and look forward to frequenting their establishment.

Check below for a slideshow of other pictures I took during a recent visit to Tropical Liquers in Soulard.

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