Thursday, October 28, 2010

White Chili, $1 Burgers and Plastic Cups-- Llywelyn's Pub

FYI, this is the first in a series of posts going in-depth on a specific establishment

I started off this post thinking there were 3 main things important about Llywelyn's Pub on 9th and a bunch of things that were only slightly less important.  I realized after about two beers of staring at the screen that I needed to start over and take a different approach to this post.  Fact is, there are a ton of things great about Llywelyn's so here it goes:

  • White Chili--it is pretty awesome here. Chicken, white beans, and a little cream.  Get a cup and if you don't like it, I'll buy you a PBR, which leads me to. . .
  • $2 PBR and Busch Bottles--All Day, Every Day.  Now by the time I walk from the door to the bar, my PBR is uncapped and sitting on a coaster waiting for me.  It may take you a little while to get up to that level, but keep reading and you will see enough to encourage you to get there.
  • $1 Burgers Tuesday 6p-10p--Think a little bigger and better quality than White Castles. Just a quarter or two extra for toppings and a lil' more for sides.
  • Shuttles to Cardinals games--During baseball season, come ride the trolley to and from the Cardinals games.  Don't be a doucher, come in and get some beverages, pour them in a plastic cup, and hitch a ride on the trolley.
  • Minis to Midnight--Wednesday to Saturday 10p-Midnight--A big selection of hot or cold sandwiches in mini form. $2 each or Half dozen for $10 or Baker's dozen for $18.00.
  • Monday All Day Happy Hour and late night Happy Hour Tues-Thurs 10p-close
  • Sunday Funday-- From 7p-8p enjoy $2 PBR pitchers.  At 8pm the free trivia hosted by So Trivial starts. Prizes awarded for the top and bottom finishers.  Hint: sign up for the clues or you will be way lost.  Warning: it can get a little raunchy.
  • Saturday Happy Hour--11a-4p  $3 mystery pints and $2 mystery shots
  • Live music on Fridays and Saturdays--Warning: it can get really loud
  • Free Wifi--I'm using it now while I write this.
  • Plastic Cups--Sodas and water come in these.  Take them home.  You will use them a lot.

The Llywelyn's VIP card needs a bullet point like the keynote speaker at [insert self indulgent event here] needs an introduction. After moving to Soulard, your first purchases should be 1) toilet paper and 2) Llywelyn's VIP Card. I already wrote about the awesomeness of this card here and I have Happy Hour beers and Wifi to consume here at Llywelyn's so I won't type it out again.