Monday, June 13, 2011

This Lady Represents Us? Part II

This is a follow up to my earlier post

Apparently Ms. Wright-Jones did not like the PD story, according to the RFT Blog . Judging by the press release and the way she decided to attack the piece, I would say the piece is pretty accurate just not flattering. Ms Wright-Jones calls herself the "lone voice for the poor, disadvantaged, women, people of color and the gay, lesbian and transgender community in St. Louis." That's in her official press release.  I guess every other Senator is only looking out for the white, straight males in the middle to upper class?  Others Senators: She's calling you out.

I like this quote as well:
 "If I am subject to fines and penalties as a result - so be it. I will pay them and move on."
Like she paid her bill for her birthday party?

Here's another gem:
"Even the very last quote in his story is wrong. I told Jake that 'Our faith tells us to work toward better perfection because we are not perfect,' but Jake adds 'Even if we may not attain it,' which, again, I never said." 
You still sound like you have been listening to the Preacher in the tv a little too much, Ma'am.

Ms. Wright-Jones says she is "the top performing Democrat in the Missouri Senate" in her official press release.  Keep in mind, there are only 8 of them though.  Personally, I would gladly trade for Maria Chapelle-Nadal.  That lady has sponsored bills to make it easier for brewpubs to sell beers to go and to make St. Louis City a part of the County. Although she would have to lose the "house slaves" act if we were to come to terms on a deal.  Wait, on second thought, that lady may have threatened to cut another politician with a knife. Deal off.  I still like those two bills though. So, Ms. Wright-Jones is calling herself more productive than 7 other Senators, one of whom may be bat-s**t crazy and shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects.  

Ms. Wright-Jones throws out the stereotypical politician line at the end of the post:

"I am very proud of my accomplishments as a public servant"
Don't get my wrong, I commend her for saying she is proud of her accomplishments, that's how is should be.  It always gets me when politicians throw out the "public servant" line like they are working for free.  We pay you and other people pay to support you.  Don't give me this holier-than-thou bs.

Credit to Chad Garrison at the RFT for his blog post that I referenced and quoted from.