Thursday, September 22, 2011

Man Dies Outside Social House

File photo
**Updated after breakfast with more links and better writing**

A man was killed last night outside Social House after being struck by a vehicle.  This story from KSDK paints a picture of what transpired.
"Investigators have not identified the man killed, but say he was outside the Social House at Seventh and Lafayette just after 2:30 this morning when an argument and fight ensued.
Participants in the dispute eventually came to an agreement when a vehicle entered the parking lot and struck the victim."
A woman who was apparently at Social House and saw the incident posted on Facebook that about 100 people were fighting and the man killed appeared to not be involved.

The video from KSDK implies that the incident happened after the fight moved across Broadway to the parking lot across from Social House.  It says that a hundred or so people were watching the incident unfold. The video also shows the tan minivan that hit the man.

This story from the Post-Dispatch says it was a 40-year old man who died.  The driver of the van has not been found

The video from Fox 2 gives a better shot of where the incident happened.

Social House threw what they referred to on Twitter as "the biggest pre Mardi Gras party in the city" last night.  The event was 18 and up to get in.  Here's a link to their Twitter feed. Here's a link to the promotional image for the event (potentially NSFW).

RIP to the man who died and please pray for his family and friends.